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  • insulation
    Choosing the Right Insulation for Every Part of Your Home

    Thinking about remodeling your home? If so, use the opportunity to upgrade your insulation. Installing a material with a higher R-value will keep your home’s temperature more comfortable and lower your heating bills.

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  • eco-friendly insulation
    Top Eco-Friendly Insulation Options

    Insulation technology has come a long way. While rolls of fibreglass are still common, there are a number of eco-friendly materials that are excellent at helping regulate the temperature in your home. There are two green insulation options that stand out from the crowd: polyurethane spray foam and cellulose. Both are safer for the environment and also up to the task of insulating your home.

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  • viewing insulation in ontario houses
    Our Guide to Mould Prevention and Insulation for Ontario Homes

    Good insulation can prevent moisture, mould and mildew from spreading through your home. Read our blog to learn more about health risks and what can be done.

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  • Cellulose insulation in Hamilton Ontario
    Planet-Friendly Cellulose Insulation for Your Home

    Be it cold or warm, good insulation is what keeps you comfortable inside your house. By preventing heat loss or gain, good insulation can also helps in reducing energy costs.

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  • available now
    Install the Latest Product for the Best Home Insulation Southwestern Ontario!

    Check out the absolute latest and innovative product that Reitzel Insulation is bringing to homes across Southern Ontario. Call now for a free estimate!

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  • Home spray foam insulation in Southern Ontario
    Don’t DIY: When Spray Foam Insulation Goes Wrong

    Advice from Your Home Insulation Company serving Burlington, Hamilton & Southern Ontario

    Spray foam is one of the best inventions in the insulation industry. While it seems simple enough, you might be surprised to find that using this method requires skill and practice.

    The growing popularity of spray foam insulation has led to multiple contractors offering the service, and some without the proper training to do so. Once the spray foam is set, it is an expensive problem to fix.

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  • Home Insulation saving energy
    How Proper Insulation Benefits the Environment

    Your home’s insulation does more than just lower your heating and cooling costs; it affects the environment too.

    In fact, insulating your home properly is one of the simplest ways you can do your part to protect the environment. Sadly, too many homes in Ontario are under-insulated, which means that homeowners are paying more in utility costs and consuming more energy than necessary year-round.

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  • Insulation contractor in Hamilton Ontario
    Can You Have Too Much Insulation?


    Insulating your home or business is a vital way to ensure energy efficiency. Without proper insulation, your property would be too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. To a certain degree, insulation can also serve as a buffer against noises both inside and outside of a building.

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  • Attic insulation in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario
    The Perils of Do-It-Yourself: Leave Home Insulation to the Experts

    Numerous home projects can be done well by enthusiastic homeowners. With the right tools and knowhow, you might clean your own gutters, apply a stain to your deck, or paint an accent wall in a vibrant hue. However, some jobs should only be performed by skilled, dependable professionals.

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  • Insulation removal in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario
    What Happens When Insulation Gets Wet?


    Plentiful rain is what makes our area of Canada so plush and beautiful in spring and summer. The winter wonderland is just as beautiful too. However, with all the rain, melting snow and ice come a few key concerns. For starters, too much moisture inside your property can affect your paint, carpeting, and even the insulation inside your home.

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  • Insulation in Burlington and Mississauga Ontario
    Commercial Insulation versus Home Insulation: Is There a Difference?

    Whether you need to add new home insulation, or you are considering revamping the insulation at your place of business, doing some research ahead of time can save you plenty of headaches.

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  • Reitzel_Insulation_Home_Insulation: roof and ceiling being insulated
    Differences between Attic and Roof Insulation

    Having your home insulated is an important aspect of energy efficiency. Depending on your circumstances, you might have your home insulated in a few different ways. If you plan to occupy the attic, then you would need attic insulation. If the attic will be used only for storage, then roof insulation may be appropriate.

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  • Reitzel_Insulation_Home_Insulation: insulation installed in a roof
    Understanding how Heat Loss occurs in Homes

    Heat loss in your home can cost you a significant amount of money in energy bills. Regardless of how effective your HVAC system is, your home will still lose heat if it is not properly insulated.

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  • Reitzel_Insulation_Home_Insulation: window installed on brick wall
    Is Your House Under Insulated? Here’s What You Need To Know

    As professionals in quality spray foam and blown-in insulation service, insulation removal, and fireproofing services, Reitzel Insulation often get asked a host of different insulation questions like how much insulation is needed, or on the flip side, how do you know if your business or home is under insulated?

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  • insulation
    The Effects of Insulation on Air Conditioning

    Comfort is becoming a commodity – paying for heat and air conditioning through your utilities – subject to the whims of stock market traders. Today’s consumers – home, commercial, and industrial property owners – need to be vigilant and intelligent about the decisions or investments they make to their property, which has also been commodified recently, to take full advantage of the opportunity while protecting themselves from increasing commodity prices. What many consumers forget, or don’t know or understand in the first place, is the value that insulation brings to the equation – both in terms of comfort and long term energy savings.

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  • Reitzel_Insulation: insulation installation
    The History of Insulation

    Reitzel Insulation are experienced insulation contractors GTA with a 40 year history of offering quality spray foam and blown-in insulation service, insulation removal, and fireproofing services. No matter what type of insulation project you have in mind, Reitzel Insulation has the expertise to handle it.

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  • Reitzel_Insulation: insulation with black spots
    What Causes Black Spots on Insulation?

    Experts suggest doing an annual home inspection for routine changes and maintenance because with Ontario’s continually changing weather, your home is at risk from a multitude of factors. With the higher humidity of Southern Ontario, like in Kitchener-Waterloo, Mississauga, or Hamilton, mould is a concern and you might need to consider having your insulation removed or replaced.

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  • Insulation in a wall
    5 Signs you should replace your Insulation

    Canadians have a saying, if you’re cold, put on a sweater. It’s a simple solution to living in a colder climate, but what if it’s your home that’s cold? In that case that ‘sweater’ may mean more insulation. In this new era of home improvements and ‘staycations’, creating a comfortable, and cozy, home is atop every homeowners lists while improving your home’s energy efficiency is the added bonus we all want.

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  • An open concept living room and kitchen
    Insulation & the Open Concept Home

    Modern home designs are increasingly utilizing the “open concept floor plan” that has the kitchen, living room, and dining areas as one large room. This design allows people in the various living spaces to interact freely. This design and cultural shift became possible because of central heating. Central heating allows larger rooms to stay warm, even without the dividing walls that contain insulation for added heat retention.

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  • insulated garage
    The Importance of a Properly Insulated Garage

    Canadian’s love affair with big ticket items, like cars and homes, can indicate many things like wealth or debt and regardless of what side of that equation you’re on, you still need to take care of your stuff. That means having a garage, attached or detached, to protect your car.

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  • 6 houses sitting on piles and towers of coins
    Can Updating Your Insulation Increase Your Home’s Property Value?

    There are a number of improvements you can make to your home that will increase its value. Is updating your insulation one of them? While any improvement to heat and energy efficiency should theoretically increase the market price of your home, research indicates you won’t see any notable return on investment, at least not on your home’s value. It will almost certainly make it more marketable, and if you have an inadequate amount of insulation it’s sure to be noted on the home inspection. However, you do stand to fatten your bank account just the same, at least if you stay in your home for any amount of time. How? By saving substantially on your heating and cooling costs.

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  • Reitzel_Insulation: Leaking Pipe
    How a Pipe Leak can Damage your Insulation and other Areas of your Home

    Water damage to your home from water could be more costly than you think – there’s finding the source of the leak, repairs to the source and the damage it caused, as well as the cost to your family’s health from infections and respiratory ailments stemming from molds if not repaired and cleaned properly.

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  • couple cold in house
    Eliminating Heat Loss in Your Home

    Although you can never completely stop heat from escaping your house, homes with quality insulation are significantly more efficient. If you are considering upgrading your home’s insulation, find out what the benefits are, what constitutes as high-quality insulation, and signs your house is suffering major heat loss.

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  • insulation
    What Makes Good Insulation? How to Understand R-Values

    When I say home, what do you think of? You probably imagine some part of your house, maybe your bedroom, your living room, or the kitchen. You probably think of how comfortable your house feels and how nice it is to come home after a long day's work.

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  • spray foam
    Benefits of Spray Foam

    When you’re building or restoring a home, you may think that the most important decisions are things like flooring and paint selections. But one factor that can make a huge difference in your home’s value is what kind of insulation you use. Spray foam insulation is useful for improving building strength, home energy efficiency, and your comfort.

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  • insulation
    The Importance of Insulation for Your Renovation

    You’ve painted your walls, installed granite countertops, and re-carpeted your living room. But, did you remember one of the most important home renovations: insulation? Many homeowners don’t realize how much improper insulation is costing them. But cost is only one of the many reasons why you should update your home’s insulation.

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  • insulation work
    In Your Neighbourhood: Reitzel Insulation

    As seen on TheRecord.com

    Are you throwing money away each month in high heating and cooling costs? Insulation can work wonders in your home or business. When you're thinking of insulating your property, consider Reitzel Insulation. Improvements to your real estate assets will pay off both now and in the future, especially as heating and cooling costs escalate.

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  • Neighbourhood
    Reitzel Insulation - A successful KW family business

    As seen on TheRecord.com

    Local matters. Why? When you support a local Kitchener Waterloo family business, you're helping the people in your community. It's easy to support businesses that are professionally managed and offer great services to homeowners in our area. That's certainly the case when one thinks of Reitzel Insulation. Reitzel Insulation has been operating in KW and Toronto for 38 years. We invite you to learn more about our products and services.

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  • save energy
    Eight Steps to a More Energy-Efficient Home

    While cooling, heating, lighting, and power certainly come with a price, saving money on your monthly energy bill might not be as difficult as you think. Follow these eight easy steps to start cutting costs and saving energy.

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  • thermal imaging
    The Use of Thermal Imaging for Insulation

    All around us, every day and in every way, technology pervades our lives. Why? Presumably, it adds to our enjoyment of life by making things better or easier. In the case of insulation, it has definitely made things better. New insulating materials and a greater understanding of how insulation and building envelopes interact has led to huge leaps in comfort and energy efficiency in newer buildings. The benefits of today’s technology don’t have to end here, however. Older homes can experience great improvements in comfort and energy efficiency as well by taking advantage of more and newer insulating materials. In this case, technology has resulted in another tool which is of great value: the thermal imaging camera.

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  • old house
    How to Decide if an Old House Needs Insulation

    Very few people don’t appreciate the beauty and character of an old home, especially one that has been well taken care of, or possibly renovated/updated while maintaining many of the original features. Often when people see such a home they are tempted to purchase one for themselves, possibly even a “fixer-upper”. However, it’s easy to look at a finished product and be unaware of or ignore the sometimes negative reality of such a home. Aside from the cosmetic undertaking, there may be many structural and mechanical deficiencies which you will want to address. One such item which should be considered at the top of the list is insulation.

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  • spray foam insulation
    Safe Spray Foam Insulation

    How do I know that polyurethane spray foam insulation is safe for my home?

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  • cold house
    Improve Your Insulation in Toronto with This Tip!

    You can always check for window cracks, air leaks, water damage, and deficiencies in your insulation in order to improve your home’s insulation. You can fluff your fiberglass batts, install storm windows, and fill empty gaps with more insulation. You can even protect your insulation from future damage with sealants.

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  • insulation
    9 Different Toronto Insulation Materials that Will Keep Your Home Warm

    When you wake up in the morning curled up in your blanket, there are few things that feel as uncomfortable as pulling off those covers to feel the shock of a cold room. But even if you don't mind waking up to a cold room or wearing socks and a sweatshirt around the house, you probably don't care for high energy costs.

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  • icicles
    Reduce Energy Costs: Identify Problems with Your Insulation in Toronto

    Is your gas or electric bill abnormally high compared to your neighbours? There may be several reasons why you are using more energy, but one of the main culprits is poor insulation. Toronto's climate can be extreme, and if you don't properly insulate your home, you may end up spending alot more on energy costs than you should.

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