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Don’t DIY: When Spray Foam Insulation Goes Wrong

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Spray foam is one of the best inventions in the insulation industry. While it seems simple enough, you might be surprised to find that using this method requires skill and practice.

The growing popularity of spray foam insulation has led to multiple contractors offering the service, and some without the proper training to do so. Once the spray foam is set, it is an expensive problem to fix.

To avoid these issues, you not only need to hire a professional instead of attempting to do it yourself, but you also need to look out for the warning signs that your insulation may have been installed incorrectly.


When you are not an industry professional, you might assume that your spray foam looks as it should. However, when you look at it a little closer and arm yourself with knowledge about the process, you might be able to detect a good job versus a shoddy one.

Here are some signs your spray foam home insulation was done incorrectly:

  • Too Thick – Spray foam insulation cannot be placed too thin, but it also cannot be too thick. In general, a two-pound spray foam should be placed in even layers no more than 2 inches thick. Also, every pass must be allowed to cool before adding another layer. When insulation cannot cool in between the layers, it will crack. Furthermore, if your insulation is too thick, it traps heat and does not allow for proper circulation.
  • Not Preparing the Work Area First – Substrate requires proper preparation. The foam is coated in even layers on a clean, uniform surface area. Therefore, your technician must prepare the area and take into consideration the pipes, wiring, and framing of the wall. Also, spray foam does not stick to certain materials, like 6-mil polyethylene. You need an electrician to attach wires to the frame directly to reduce shadows that may force your technician to spray incorrectly.


Sadly, industry protocols for spray foam insulation are lacking; therefore, every company has their own method for installation; and one company may not offer the same quality as another.

Spray foam is very durable, and it can be a great investment for your home, but only when installed correctly. Removing and repairing poorly installed spray foam is expensive and takes away the potential long-term savings of the product.

The team at Reitzel Insulation has been insulating homes in Burlington and Hamilton since 1976, and we have a team with the proper training and experience to install spray foam insulation in your home. When you have spray foam installed correctly, you can enjoy better utility costs, comfortable temperatures inside, and reduced noise.

Our team is here to help with your spray foam home insulation in Southern Ontario, including Burlington and the Hamilton area. We offer commercial and residential spray foam services. Get a free estimate by calling us at 519-886-6100. You may also reach us by filling out our online contact form.

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