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When it comes to energy loss in a home, among the biggest culprits is the attic. For those that live in colder climates, insulating an attic or roof is a great way to improve the overall energy efficiency of a home. At Reitzel Insulation, we’ve been offering services such as roof and attic insulation to Hamilton and surrounding areas for years. We’ve helped thousands of clients experience the benefits of attic installation and we can help you, too! We understand that every attic is different, so you can trust us to use the proper insulation and techniques at your home. Are you ready to see what attic or roof insulation can do for you? If so, contact Reitzel Insulation today.

Why Do I Need Attic or Roof Insulation in the GTA?

The attic of your home is an extremely important area. Your attic doesn’t just provide extra space for storage, or in some cases, an extra living space. Attics and roofs play a vital role in the energy efficiency of your home and when they are poorly insulated it can spell trouble. It’s actually pretty simple when you think about it. Between the sun beating down on your roof during the summer months and heat rising and escaping through a poorly insulated attic during the winter, it’s no wonder why attic and roof insulations are important.

When it comes to attics, the most common application is blown loose insulation. The R-value or RSI of your home is directly tied to the depth and type of insulation in your home. The higher the R-value, the better your home is at keeping heat inside. For more information about your next insulation project or the services we offer, contact Reitzel Insulation today.

Benefits of Attic or Roof Insulation

When it comes to attics, our employees have found that most homes were lacking in terms of insulation. In fact, of the more than 20,000 attics we’ve worked on, only a handful were up to code for the amount of insulation required. That’s why after working with Reitzel Insulation, our clients experience nearly immediate differences and benefits. Some of the advantages to insulating your attic or roof include:

  • Energy savings: By insulating your attic, you can reduce the amount of heat that rises and escapes through your roof. In turn, you also limit the amount of energy it takes to heat your home in the winter and cool it during the summer.
  • Comfort: During months of extreme temperatures, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can seem almost impossible. When your roof and attic aren’t properly insulated, air will constantly escape. With our help, we’ll make sure your attic and roof help keep your home comfortable regardless of the season.
  • Protection: In many households, the attic also doubles as storage space, whether it’s finished or unfinished. If cold is able to penetrate the roof, valuable items stored in that area could be affected.

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Are you ready to experience the benefits of a properly insulated attic and roof? Experience energy savings, increased comfort and more with a professional attic or roof insulation in the GTA from Reitzel Insulation. To learn more about our services, contact us today.