Promotional Rebates

Have You Heard of the GreenON Rebates for Insulation?

Through a new government program, Ontario homeowners are now eligible to receive money back for the cost of upgrading their insulation. Upgrades can be made in the attic, basement, exterior wall or all three.

If you live in a detached home, townhome or semi, the GreenON Rebates are for you.

How It Works

  • We insulate your home.
  • We file the paperwork on your behalf.
  • You confirm and submit the application along with proof of purchase.
  • The government reimburses you within approximately 8-12 weeks.

Potential Savings

Wall Insulation


$1/ft2 up to $1,500 when you upgrade your attic insulation to R50.

Basement Insulation


$2/ft2 up to $1,900 when you upgrade your basement insulation to R20.

Exterior Wall Insulation


$2/ft2 up to $3,800 when you upgrade your exterior wall insulation to R20.

Air sealing

Get $100 for air sealing your home*

Tiny gaps and cracks in your home can add up to big energy losses making your furnace work harder than it needs to. Air sealing is an easy way to keep the heat in and the elements out while helping you save.

*Must be completed in conjunction with insulation rebate.

Why Upgrade your Insulation

A well-insulated home keeps the temperature of any room the way you like it while helping to reduce heating and cooling costs and shrink your home’s carbon footprint.

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