Blown Insulation for Homes in Mississauga and Surrounding Areas

Blown loose insulation is the most common application for attic insulation in Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Toronto, Cambridge, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding cities. The depth of the insulation and the type of insulation will determine what R-value or RSI your home has when the project is complete. R-value is, essentially, a number assessing a home's ability to resist the flow of heat. So if your home has a high R-value, that means it does a good job keeping your home or attic's heat inside.

Insulation Installation Code

Of the 20,000+ attics that our employees have visited to work on, only five were up to code in terms of the amount of insulation found in the space! For an attic to be up to code, it must have between 14 and 16 inches of cellulose attic insulation, and most homes we work on are closer to 5 inches. No wonder they noticed a difference and called us!

As part of our installation service for attic insulation in Mississauga and surrounding areas, our professionals will work with you to determine if blown insulation is the right insulation for your home or project, and what the appropriate R-value for the property should be.

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If you think your home or property is in need of attic or roof insulation in Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Mississauga, Cambridge, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto and surrounding cities, give Reitzel Insulation a call or fill out our online contact form. We'll set up an in-home inspection and have your insulation needs taken care of in no time! As with all of our projects, our attic and roof insulation projects include rigorous clean-up processes to ensure that your property is left in its original state of cleanliness.

Watch us installing blown-in insulation

While each insulation installation job is unique, this video can help you see what the installation for blown-in insulation is like. If you have any questions about blown-in insulation, please contact us.